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My old man and a much younger clock tower in Makkah.

How my old man spent his time in Raudah..

Forgive me, Father, for not caring out your name, and not caring it out well;Forgive me, Father, for the times you prayed for me, and prayed that I repent;Forgive me, Father, for not trying, and trying harder to be who… Continue Reading →

The mouth of the wise man is in his heart.
Benjamin Franklin

I tried, really I did, and I do know is not enough. My heart breaks, more than you'd know. And I'm sorry I broke yours. And that I couldn't be your anchor.

Just one of those days when you simply shove everything into the bag, only to realize when you get there that you'll be looking like a freaking tree the whole trip..

We explored, we traveled, we laughed and we giggled.Together, here's to another great 10 years to come..

Jalan Petaling, at night, at ease.

In 2009, I was involved in a project with Radius One for TV3 and it is one of the project that I enjoyed doing the most for so many reasons.

I had the chance to contribute some inputs for my c…

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If you don't love yourself, someone will come into your life and teach you how to hate yourself. Then you'll confuse the two. Be careful!
Tony Gaskins

This song is one of my guilty pleasures. It makes me all mushy inside, and it reminds me of a person that has long gone, erased me from their life, but ironically, are still in mine but not by choice.

Whatever it is, that part of my life taught me a lot. What young love is all about. And somehow, shaped me to become a person that is more accepting of rejection. Bhaha-ha.

Map of a Tragedy: How Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Came Apart Over Ukraine


Tears came rolling down as I go through the page and it is just too much. A lot of people are grieving still, even with the Eid-Fitr celebration a week ago.

And as much as I, maybe, couldn’t understand the pain of the family members of the passeng…

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