"to define is to limit"

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Premiering on the 28th of May '15 in 48 cinemas across Malaysia, as well as in Singapore and Brunei, catch #Gamatisme, another piece from Pencil Pictures (@pencilpicturesrecords) , directed by M Hitler Zami (@latiffzami). Great lineups such as Nabila Huda… Continue Reading →

Friday, 22nd May '15(6 Days to the premiere of #Gamatisme on the 28th May' 15) An evening interview on #HotFM with @ikhwanhotfm last Friday..

Yours Truly, for #Gamatisme by @pencilpicturesrecords.

Friday, 20th May '15(8 days to the premiere of 'Gamatisme') Malam Gala Pra-Tonton 'Gamatisme' di Cathay Cineleisure, e@Curve.Before the screening; with the director, Mr Yeop Zami and Mr @syazwanzulkifly, posing for the media.

Happy Mother's Day, Mrs Dino.

My old man and a much younger clock tower in Makkah.

How my old man spent his time in Raudah..

Forgive me, Father, for not caring out your name, and not caring it out well;Forgive me, Father, for the times you prayed for me, and prayed that I repent;Forgive me, Father, for not trying, and trying harder to be who… Continue Reading →

The mouth of the wise man is in his heart.
Benjamin Franklin

I tried, really I did, and I do know is not enough. My heart breaks, more than you'd know. And I'm sorry I broke yours. And that I couldn't be your anchor.

Just one of those days when you simply shove everything into the bag, only to realize when you get there that you'll be looking like a freaking tree the whole trip..

We explored, we traveled, we laughed and we giggled.Together, here's to another great 10 years to come..

Jalan Petaling, at night, at ease.

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